I’ve got my health, a good job, and a loving wife…..so why am I freaking out?

From 14 to 34 (picture of author by author)

Revenues increased, productivity improved, but people also left

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Lessons from the one-man fiction factory

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Patterson’s writing started as a side-hustle

7 tips to help your team thrive when working remotely

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200 companies to participate, creating one of the biggest four-day work experiments in the world

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Five mistakes I made when setting goals for the year

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Four ways to make video calls a little less tiring

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A study of 54,000 firms supports shorter work weeks

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The findings

Here are eight steps to help you finally achieve your goals.

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The problem with New Year’s resolutions…

The neglected benefits of the office commute.

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Jack Turner, MBA

Career management writer; exploring how people develop satisfying and meaningful careers, and how the future of work will impact our lives.

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